Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oslo sketchcrawl July 2011

The 32nd world wide sketchcrawl turned out to be a very different day than I imagined. I joined Stella and Åshild in downtown Oslo where a large area was cordoned off and guarded by armed soldiers, a haunting sight in our relatively quiet city. I wasn't quite sure at the time whether it was appropriate to be down there sketching, but it turned out to feel right to leave home and the endless news reports on the television behind and join the crowds walking a slow circle around the devastated area.
Nothing makes sense and it sure isn't sinking in what actually happened, but I am glad I made it down to visit the site first hand.

Åshild, a piece of glass from the Glasmagasinet shop front I decided to keep and a delicious chai latte.

Looking down the street in front of the government building that was targeted.


The sketchcrawl thread with the full results including some photos of us.